Upcoming Book Readings

I’m very excited to be invited to the following author events to read from Control Alter Delete:

Thursday August 6 at 7pm
West Philadelphia
Bindlestiff Books
4530 Baltimore Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19143
Bindlestiff Books website

Thursday September 17 at 7pm
Mount Airy
Big Blue Marble Bookstore,
551 Carpenter Ln, Philadelphia, PA 19119

Hope to see you for an evening of reading, Q&A and book-signing.

Paperback available

The paperback US English edition of Control Alter Delete is now available on Amazon.

Are you in the UK or Europe?

The UK English paperback edition will be released later this month and will be available via amazon.co.uk and other European Amazon channels. Kindle editions will also be available later this month. Stay tuned…

2059 – Cars with Attitude

Self-driving cars? One of my friends thought it far-fetched to imagine they’d be on the streets by the mid twenty-first century. Well, it’ll be interesting to see how Google’s testing phase pans out, but looking into my crystal ball, I see robocars as part of the 2059 landscape. Maybe there will only be a few cruising along silently, uniformly in some predetermined ideal driver mode. Or maybe the take up will be better if a passenger (a back seat driver) can exert some power and program the car’s driving style, give the vehicle a personality, namely their own. Not that I want to be whizzing about at breakneck speed (honest), but a tootling along at 18 miles an hour kind of experience isn’t going to cut it for me. And will a self-drive car take a risk if necessary? Will it swerve into opposing traffic and up onto the pavement to avoid a suddenly emerging sinkhole? The key question for me is not whether these cars are on the horizon. It’s: What attitude will they come with and how much say will we have over that?

Eye, Eye

While it might not be especially surprising that a near-future thriller might have an eye on the cover, I’m floored by the sheer number of eye images I’m coming across. If I had to guess which books might have them,  1984 would be top of my list. And, yes, there’s an edition with an eye. But even very recent novels, ones I’ve been reading this year —Lexicon by Max Barry, The Peripheral by William Gibson — have editions with great big eyes center-stage. In the case of The Peripheral that really was a surprise as the version I was reading had a plain metallic cover with no eye in sight.

Running a quick search on the subject gets best “eye” on the cover (692 books) – Goodreads as the first result.  Clearly a crowded field, though many of the books listed there are not especially near-future. But, hey ho,  the green eye  just feels pertinent; marking genre, giving a glimpse into the story — hopefully it does these things.

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