Only One Book in the Shop

Looks like there are two ends of the book choice spectrum now. At one end is the overwhelming number of suggestions that come with such things as top 50 lists in some category or other (I’m guilty of posting some of these myself) and Amazon’s pop-up personalized recommendations (though I’m not sure why “Waiting: A Nonbeliever’s Higher Power” is showing up for me) and three-storey Barnes and Nobles all chock-a-block with tomes. At the other end is a Japanese bookstore that stocks a single title. In this Guardian article owner Yoshiyuki Morioka describes how author events would bring people to his old store “for the sake of a single book”, an observation that prompted his one-book-at-a-time store. The store sounds more like a gallery with a new exhibition each week. In fact, two of the books he’s featured so far are connected with artists and illustrations, which suggests that this approach might work best for books that are a bit more artsy. Will be interesting to see how this goes.