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2059 – Cars with Attitude

Self-driving cars? One of my friends thought it far-fetched to imagine they’d be on the streets by the mid twenty-first century. Well, it’ll be interesting to see how Google’s testing phase pans out, but looking into my crystal ball, I see robocars as part of the 2059 landscape. Maybe there will only be a few cruising along silently, uniformly in some predetermined ideal driver mode. Or maybe the take up will be better if a passenger (a back seat driver) can exert some power and program the car’s driving style, give the vehicle a personality, namely their own. Not that I want to be whizzing about at breakneck speed (honest), but a tootling along at 18 miles an hour kind of experience isn’t going to cut it for me. And will a self-drive car take a risk if necessary? Will it swerve into opposing traffic and up onto the pavement to avoid a suddenly emerging sinkhole? The key question for me is not whether these cars are on the horizon. It’s: What attitude will they come with and how much say will we have over that?